To begin earning revenues through our software distribution program, you will need to enter your PayPal email address to receive payments. You then will be emailed a either a link or distributable download file to place on your site or any other distributable media.
Commission for distributing the download file is %65 of all registration fees made by your market. Commission for having us store and distribute your file is 20%. Whenever someone purchases your version of RoomMatePal, you will be credited the affiliate fee specified. Affiliate dues will be paid at least once per month. Distributing can be done by either physically packaging Roommate Pal and web deployment.

Step 1: Enter your PayPal Email Address
This will allow us to customize the code to include your affiliate information. It will also allow the merchant to pay you through PayPal for your affiliate sales.  
PayPal Email Address:  
Step 2: Enter your Distribution Choice

Have us host the file

Your own distributable installer



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