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Tenant Screening
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Leases and Rental Agreements FAQ
What you need to know to create a fair, legally valid agreement -- and what happens if the landlord or tenant wants to break it.

Get Your Agreements in Writing
Here's why a handshake shouldn't seal the deal between landlords and tenants.

Don't Lease a Home Without It
What should be included in every lease or rental agreement.

See Choosing a Business Location in the Small Business area of Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
For information on commercial leases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leases and Rental Agreements FAQ
What you need to know to create a fair, legally valid agreement -- and what happens if the landlord or tenant wants to break it.

Auntie Nolo Questions

Parsing the True Meaning of 'Last Month'
Seeking the legal meaning of accepting a rent payment

I Love You, You Love Me. Now Get Out
Moving out the tenant, moving in a family member

Tenant in Debt Fears Eviction
Terminating a tenancy over money matters

Can My Landlord Cut the Air Conditioning to Offset Rising Costs?
He'd better start waving a palm frond over your head

Landlords' Late Fees Smell Like Doubledipping
Refusing to pay interest on security deposit

Renting 101: Read the Lease First
Delegating security duties in a lease

More to the Utility Bill Than Met the Eye
Divvying up the utility bill among landlords and tenants

Can I Break a Lease Where the View of My Shop from the Street Is Being Blocked?
Palatial patio precludes potential pooch-owning patrons

Can I Break a Lease to Take a New Job?
The landlord's heard that excuse too

Fido Is Now Bigger Than the Apartment
Terminating a lease

Getting Complete Absolution From a Landlord
Assigning a lease and liability

When the Swimming Pool is a Real Leaker
Seeking compensation for promised amenities

Landlords Demand Full Money on Partial Lease
Breaking a lease when leaving town

Landlord Breaks Promise About Final Rent
Documenting an oral agreement

Can My Landlord Make Me Pay to Terminate the Lease?
When the Big Apple bites you back

Out of Lease, Out of Luck
Enforcing an oral lease agreement

Fixing to End a Fixed Term Lease
Evicting one tenant while the other stays

New Meaning to The Great Unwashed
Reporting apartment's uninhabitable conditions

My Tenants Want Network Cable: Who Pays?
Cyberspace meets real space

In New Jersey, Tenants Are Forever
Refusing to renew a lease

New Tenant, New Lease?
Negotiating with an assignee tenant

When Utopia Turns Out to be Bedlam
Breaking a lease in a noisy complex

Landlord Refuses to Add Dad to the Lease
Co-signing to ensure child's rent worthiness

Ousted by a Roommate
Will the real tenant please come forward

Commercial Renter, Up and Out?
Raising the rent on commercial space

Landlord Absconds With the Security Deposit
Reaching across state lines for a deposit due and owing

Georgia Tenant Law: It's the Pits
Threatening lawsuit over broken lease

Roommate Drove Her Away From Home
Breaking a lease and minding the consequences

How Big Are the Critters -- Really?
Deducting exterminator services from the rent

Getting Out of an Unhappy Rental
Renting from new owners

Fearing the Boot From the Bum
Renting from a new owner

Noisy Neighbors Run Hot and Cold
Keeping the peace when the neighbors violate it

Looks Like a Tenant, Quacks Like a Tenant
Leasing property under changed management

Can Our Landlord Kick Us Out and Replace Us With Her Family Member?
Blood runs thicker than leases

How Do I (Sneeze) Deal With My Tenant's Cat?
Coping with violations of a "No Pets" policy

How Do I Divide Damages Between Departing Co-Tenants?
When Oscar and Felix move out

She Swears the Noise Made Her Move
Proving the need to break a lease in small claims court

Must I Leave My Security Deposit With My College Apartment-Mates?
Lessons your Kant class may not have covered

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