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  • Where do I get an Access 2002/XP runtime?

  • I forgot my password how do I get in?

  • I can't move out myself because I purchased the software. How do I transfer ownership?

  • How do I set up a PayPal account?

  • Do I need a PayPal account?

  • How do I get my local leasing contracts?

  • How do I forward my living expense bill to somebody else like my parents? 

  • How do I automatically notarize my leases with RoomMatePal?

  • How does prorating work?

  • How does sending bills to Cell Phones work?

  • My trial period is up how do I register?

  • I have dialup internet all the time can I use RoomMatePal?

  • How can I make money by selling this product?

  • Can I set up the bills in my house to be automatically paid?

  • How can I set up my fixed amounts such as rent to be automatically paid each month?

  • Why should I get PayPal.

  • What Information does RoomMatePal send to the master server?

  • I'm concerned about privacy. What's your privacy policy?

  • How long is your trial period.

  • How Much does RoomMatePal cost?

  • How can I get this product for free?

  • How do i get my roommates to use RoomMatePal?

  • I need to collect money from a person that I kicked out of my house. How can RoomMatePal help?

  • Can I get a user manual?


RoommatePal - Frequently Asked Questions

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