View comprehensive lists of dates bills are due and overdue and customize grace periods.
Protect your account from fraud.
Determine individual bill payment responsibilities.
Pay bills online by responding to e-mail.
Integrate software with PayPal and automatically deduct payments from individual checking accounts.
Automatically process roommate applications, run background checks.
View breakdown of bill payment including unpaid and pending charges.
Semi automatic bill entry - all you have to do is enter in the amount it figures out the rest by remembering due dates and meter read dates.
Rental application forms for electronic delivery to a variety of included background check agencies
All legal documents are prepared and available for hardcopy for legal insurance.
Each user logs on to his/her personal account displaying a dashboard of all debts, dues, usage trends for utilities, etc.
Ability to quickly scan in bill images for a complete paperless system
Ability to track household expenditures via graph or by drill down spreadsheet capability
Can even export data to office applications for extreme analysis if you thought of something we didn't. Send us your ideas.
Easy to spot roommates that over bill
You now will never have billing confusion with your housemates that could foster household breakdown.
If a roommate has a fit and leaves without paying for their bills. You are completely prepared with all printouts necessary to serve a small claims suit with little effort. Your money can be garnished from their paychecks in a short period of time.
All payments made automatically or entered by the payee are neatly listed in a "to be confirmed" list on your personal account dashboard.
All payment history is available and logged and is included on email and printed roommate invoices
Payment of rent, utilities, and other debts can be made by any of the following:
Visa MasterCard American Express   Switch Debit Cards  
eCheck Discover Solo Debit Cards
to the appropriate roommate from the use of PayPal integration. Extends the ability to use your credit with out incurring costly cash advance fees and rates that come with all credit cards.
Easy setup wizard to walk you through the configuration of your living situation.
Ability to page users mobile devices automatically when dues have changes and or become overdue. Short concise WAP type messages delivered wirelessly to cell phones / pagers / PDA's.
Clearly states when which bills are coming and need to be entered. Helps you stay on top of your personal bill management.
Only 5.95 to register after generous 60 day trial period.
Can split individual household purchases including bills in a variety of ways including; One user, Evenly among housemates, Set split ratio's, Or fixed amounts.
Rent calculation can be done at the click of a button with a variety of formulas to choose from.
Disconnections can be logged and the responsible party can be optionally penalized.
Graphs of bill expenses can pinpoint energy users or water hogs based upon move in indicators.
Easily go back and change typo's and errors.
Helps spot utility companies over billing
All one file. No system damage or changes. No crash risks, No uninstalling necessary, just delete the file / Back up the file by copying similar to working with an excel document.
No spy ware or internet need (The program will need the internet to use the PayPal payments feature, sending email bills, and Mobile device messaging)
You can easily forwarded your itemized email bill to parents or other supporters. Great for students! Parents love to see where their money is going. Parents can click the link and pay with any form of payment.
Run background checks on roommate applications
Initiate collection action through online collection agencies.
RoommatePal - Product features

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